Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hat for my sister Laura

I made this hat with the same yarn from the baby blanket (see previous post). I think it is Lion Brand Microspun yarn. It's all synthetic, which most times I'm too snobby to use, but the yarn is very soft and feels sort of like cotton. To create the patterns you carry over the non-used color underneath, so it makes it doubly warm. I have loads more of it, if anyone has any requests. Requirements: must like primary colors.

Baby Blanket for Emily

I knit this blanket for my niece when she was born, in January of '08. The striped side is knit, and the other side is a fuzzy fleecy fabric. My mom had to help when it got to the sewing them together part--I would have been lost at that point! Thanks Sally!

Lil Pumpkins

I made these last fall, but never got around to posting them. One was for my niece in Dallas, so it's made out of cotton. The other one is for Oliver, in Western MA, so it's made out of wool.

More baby socks

I knit these up for my niece Emily, back in Feb. or March. These were made with Cascade Fixation for sure. Baby socks are so deliciously fast to knit!

Baby Socks for Oliver

These are some socks I knit for Oliver (Toby and Jocelyn's kiddo) back in January(?). I believe they are made with Fixation sock yarn, although the mind fades with age so don't quote me on that.

After a long hiatus....

I'm back! I created this blog a long time ago, and never did anything with it. Suddenly now that school is over for the semester I have way too much time on my hands and am looking for productive ways to fill it. Hopefully I will get several posts in before I get otherwise distracted.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Adventures in Scrap Fabric

This is a pillow that I made using some sample fabric scraps that a friend brought home from the architecture firm she interned at. All the samples were about one foot square with some awesome patterns and designs. The reverse side uses some scrap fabric from a project my grandmother made me, so it has some nice memories tied up in it.